Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drive South to Glen Arbor at dusk

Drive South to Glen Arbor at dusk

We had a guarded conversation that was rich with innuendos, secret glances and uncomfortable silences. I was rather at ease having spent the day feasting alone with my dog on the beach. My brain being rather limber I was ready to endure the marathon of their uncomfortableness throughout a dinner. After all, there would be food and drink involved with the inappropriate conversation.

On the way there in the fields South of 669 off M-22 we saw hundreds of deer standing in the fields in herds. He explained how the insurance companies were to blame because they had changed the laws to not let anyone take a doe under so many pounds and a buck under so many points leading to the endless wrecks with deer. Reluctantly, seeing his point, as I had the day before, lost count of dead deer on the side of the road driving from Detroit to Petoskey. There were too many deer, enough I imagined to support a healthy pride of lions.

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